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Who We Are

Camp Metamorphosis British Columbia is a youth program which is geared at connecting the youth with their Hellenic Culture and Orthodox Christian Faith!

Camp Met BC was established in 2010 AD under the direction of Rev. Fr. Constantinos Economos, the founding Camp Director. Camp Met BC runs a summer camp during the week preceding the Labour Day long weekend and a Winter Camp between Christmas and New Year's. Various events are held throughout the year to fundraise and keep the youth connected. 


Our Mission

Camp Metamorphosis BC is about making FRIENDS, having FUN and learning about our FAITH!

It is our mission to provide our youth with an unforgettable time away from the clamour and temptations of everyday life so that they will be able to better learn and gain enthusiasm for our culture and our faith. Therefore, when they return, they will be more faithful Orthodox Christians and more involved members of our Hellenic Communities. 

Our Team

The real 'gems' of CAMP MET BC are our awesome volunteer staff that make everything possible! The majority of our counsellors are former campers that have grown up with Camp MET BC being a part of their lives and have now decided to give back by volunteering their time, talent, passions and dedication so that the next generation of campers can have a transformative experience. Our team meets throughout the year to always provide our very best for our campers and their families. Together we brainstorm and come up with new activities, games, and discussion topics, all to enrich the lives of our campers. Interested in becoming a part of our team? 

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