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CAMP MET BC is a place where we experience our faith through Church services which are easy to understand. They are done in English and abbreviated to give our campers the basics. We explain what we're doing, why we're doing it and when we do it so that Campers go home with a greater understanding of the worship of the Orthodox Church. Most importantly, campers are taught that prayer and communion with God are a part of daily life. 


Our team of Priests leads discussions in an open and inviting environment for all our campers to engage their faith and have their questions answered. During our Orthodox Life discussions, we tackle issues that our youth face daily and give them the tools to make the right decisions. 


Who doesn't like having fun? 


CAMP MET BC is committed to sending campers home with a smile on their face and a glow in their heart. There are many fun activities at our events including aquatics, field sports, archery, and ropes courses, to name a few. But the magic happens when our staff gets creative and invents new ways of having fun! 


We embrace our culture through a number of activities and performances. Something as simple as refering to someone by their full name has an impact. Campers learn to celebrate their culture and to respect cultural diverstiy. You don't have to be Greek to come to camp, but liking Greek food might help! 



At CAMP MET BC we create friendships that last a lifetime! 


Campers are assigned to cabins based on their age and gender. Each cabin has two leaders, many of whom are former campers, who have volunteered to look after the health and well being of their campers and make sure they have a good time. 


Our campers not only interact with their own cabin but learn to interact with everyone at Camp! Through experiencing our faith, having fun, and making memories together our Campers bond with one another and leave Camp with friends that share the same faith and culture, but also, a common experience of Camp and the sense of love and belonging to the CAMP MET BC FAMILY. 

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