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Camp Met BC wants every child to be able to have a camp experience and to that end, we endeavour to have financial assistance available for campers who would not otherwise be able to attend our camp. 


Our community partners (Communities, Philoptohos, Greek Associations, individual donors and private businesses) are an integral part of this process as we ask them for donations in order to cover the costs of the camp fees.



To continue to solicit donations from our community partners, we needed to create a more formal program for financial assistance.  This consists of the following:


1) Financial Assistance must be pre-approved and the application form submitted prior to the following deadlines:


  • November 15 for Winter Camp

  • June 30 for Summer Camp


2) An application form must be completed and all required information provided.  All information provided will be available ONLY to the Camp Coordinator and the Spiritual Director.  The information will remain confidential.


3) In the next year, 5 volunteer hours will need to be completed for our community partners such as the Greek food festivals, Philoptohos luncheons etc.  These hours can be completed by adults or campers.


4) If your family is approved for a scholarship, we ask that you and/or the camper send us a note of appreciation when camp is over. Notes from the campers are particularly useful in reporting to those who donated to the Camp Scholarship Fund. Names will be kept confidential if so desired. 


If you are in need of financial assistance, please print the form (in the drop-down under Financial Assistance) and return it to us at


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