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Camp Leaders

Stephania Kosmas

Hi!! I’m Stephania and I’ve been a part of camp since 2013! I am going into my 3rd year of psychology at Camosun College in Victoria and plan on becoming a youth counselor!! I have taught Greek dancing, greek school & Sunday school at Ypapanti in Victoria!!! Camp Met has given me so many amazing memories and I have made friendships that will last a lifetime, I’m so beyond excited to be a part of the team again!!!!

Eleni-Maria Budd

Eleni-Maria is excited to attend camp metamorphosis for the first time as a leader. She attended camp metamorphosis as a camper many times and can’t wait to be back in a new position. Eleni-Maria is entering her last year at SFU, she is majoring in history and plans to become a teacher

Maria Schoinoplokakis

Maria is entering her third year of her undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia with a major in psychology.  Afterward, she plans to apply for the education program to become an elementary school teacher. Maria co-teaches the Cretan dance group at the Hellenic Community of Vancouver and has prior experiences as a tutor and day camp leader.

Maria was previously a camper for 5 years and is very excited to return this year to Camp Met as a leader and programs coordinator! Maria looks forward to creating a positive and inclusive environment while connecting with all her campers and creating unforgettable memories!

Yianni Georgoulas

My name is Yianni Georgoulas. I was a camper at Camp Met for 10 years and I am honoured and excited to be a counselor this year. I am going into my second year of engineering at UBC. I enjoy playing soccer and chess. I am looking forward to being able to give back to Camp Met by enabling the campers to make great memories at camp like I have.

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Anthony Soulsbury

Antony is quite excited to be heading back to camp this summer, as he is looking forward to returning to camp for the first time as a leader. He has grown up attending St. George’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Vancouver and was previously an Altar Server for several years. When he isn’t attending school lectures or hanging with friends, he enjoys long walks on the beach, reading, and watching movies. Antony happens to have a strong disliking of cold drinks and solely consumes Oolong Tea for battling the cold Ontario weather. He has completed his first couple of years of post-secondary getting reasonable sleep and has learned all the indoor routes at the University of Waterloo to stay out of the cold and will continue to do so. He is hoping everyone has a fantastic time and is greatly looking forward to catching up and making new memories with all participating in the summer camp activities.

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Leia Soulsbury

Hello, I’m Leia! I’m going into my second year at the University of Victoria where I’m studying English and Creative Writing. I spend most of my free time watching shows, listening to music, and reading. I’ve been going to Camp Met as a camper since 2012, and this is my first time being a camp leader. I’m very excited to make some new memories and have some new experiences at camp this year!

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Konstantinos Kosmas

Hello, I’m Konstantinos, I’m from Victoria and I’m going into my 3rd year at Camosun College. I’m in the psychology program and I am planning on getting into the Mental Health and Addiction Program! I am working at Shoppers Drug Mart part-time through the summer and training towards becoming a trainer at Keating CrossFit. Camp Met has been a part of my life since 2013 first as a camper and now once again as a leader!

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Steve Zelis

Hey Campers!!! My name is Stephen Zelis and I can’t wait to meet all the new campers this year. I am currently entering my fourth year at the UBC Sauder School of Business. Here are a couple things about me! I love hockey, I have been a part of four years at Camp Met, and this will be my second year as a counsellor. My favourite memory at Camp is senior unplugged! This year is going to be super fun filled with amazing activities! See you soon!

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Anastasia Glinias

Hello! I’m Anastasia Glinias and I have been a camper at camp met for 5 years while this is going to be my first year as a leader! Camp has always been something I get excited about and knowing I will be a leader this year makes it even more exciting! Something I’m looking forward to is helping the kids and other leaders in any way possible, see you soon!!

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Nate Munroe

I am 5+ year camper and I'm going to be leading for my 2nd time this Summer. I always enjoy spending time at camp doing activities and meeting new friends. For my education I plan on going to JIBC to learn about firefighting, until then I spend time reading, watching shows and hanging out with friends. This year's Summer Camp will be great I know it!

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Natalia Pardalis

Natalia Pardalis has been part of the Camp Met family since 2016. Natalia loves being part of the camp as it is a place where our youth can discover a closer tie to our faith & build strong friendships. Natalia is a full time musician, and educator. In her spare time, Natalia lifts lots of weights and may drink a lot of Starbucks.

Anna Tsikouris

Hello everyone! I’m Anna Tsikouris, I might be confused about being a camper since I am 5’2” but I’m so excited to be a leader for the first time this year! I just graduated high school this year and I am planning on getting my diploma in criminology to become a police officer! I love to spend my free time outdoors, in the gym, or with people I love to be around. I’m so excited for camp this year because after a long, lazy and, stressful year in this pandemic I think it will be refreshing to see everyone and to stay connected with our culture and faith while having a lot of fun. I have been a camper since 2016 and my favorite part about camp is definitely all the new relationships you make with different people (and of course, the ice cream at pioneer pacific). Everyone prepare yourself for the amount of fun we will be having. Can't wait to meet you all!

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Spiro Tsolinas

Spiro Tsolinas first year at camp was in 2013 and he is so excited to be a camp leader for the first time! Spiro is in his second year at UBC Sauder and currently works as both a Marketing Analyst for a national journalism and media corporation and as a calculus tutor. He loves volunteering within the Greek community and serving in the altar at St. George's Church. He is so excited to volunteer at camp and can't wait to see everyone this summer!

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Christian Vicente Smith

Christian is has been a camp leader 4 times since 2016 and a camper multiple times before. He has a Bachelors's degree in environmental science and will be going back to university in the fall for his master's degree. He enjoys being outdoors and being active. Christian attends the Saint Nicholas church in East Van. He is excited to have another blessed and exciting week at camp this year!

Summer 2023 Information Coming Soon...

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