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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind and how much food will my child get at camp?

At both summer and winter camp, our campers are given three full and balanced meals. The kitchen supplies us with a diverse range of foods that caters to all our camper's taste buds. All the facilities that we use are NUT-FREE zones and can accommodate any allergies and dietary needs. The campsites also supply our campers with healthy snack options throughout the day. If needed the campers can receive a serving of seconds during breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are also very thankful for the Philoptochos and private businesses that donate extra snacks, such as spanakopites (spinach pies), tyropites (cheese pies), koulourakia etc. Rest assured there is always plenty of desserts to end the day off right! Please remember that campers are prohibited to bring any extra snacks as it is against the camp rules.

I heard my kids fast during camp, is this true, and what are they fasting from?

Yes, our campers and staff partake in a light fast on Wednesdays and Fridays. Occasionally, if one of our camp days falls on a feast day, the camp will also fast on the celebrated feast day. As a camp we refrain from only meats, however, the kitchen substitutes the meat with beans, tofu, dark leafy greens etc. to ensure that our campers are still receiving a balanced meal. As we practice light fasting campers are still served dairy products in order to provide balanced and nutritious meals.

Where will my child be sleeping and how are the age groups split up?

The campers are split into three cabin groups by gender and age groups: Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors.


For summer camp, campers are split up by the grade they will be starting in September.

- Juniors: Grade 3-6

- Intermediates: Grade 7-9

- Seniors: Grade 10-12


For winter camp, campers are split up by the grade they are in.

- Juniors: Grade 2-6

- Intermediates: Grade 7-9

- Seniors: Grade 10-12


Each cabin has a two or more leaders that sleep in the cabin with the campers. Leaders participate in all activities with the campers. Cabins are organized based on gender and age, and we do our best to ensure each camper has the best experience!

What kind of training do the leaders have?

To become a Camp Met BC leader an application form must be filled out and reviewed by the Camp Met BC administration team. Leaders who are chosen have previous experience with children through work, education or have had specific camp leaders training. All leaders must also submit a criminal record check. Most of our leaders have attended Camp Met in previous years as campers, or have been leaders at other camps. Leaders also go through group training on handling different situations with our campers, basic first aid and emergency protocols. We hold meetings throughout the year in order to train and guide our staff. We are very blessed to have a wonderful staff volunteers who have become the fabric of Camp Metamorphosis BC.

Why does camp cost so much?

The full price of one camper to attend summer camp is $850. With the help of donations and the sponsorship of our Greek Orthodox Communities in BC we have brought the amount down to a reasonable price for our campers.


We understand that some of our Camp Met BC family may have trouble paying this amount. For those in need of financial assistance may call or e-mail us at for further information.

My child doesn't know anybody going to camp or their friends are in a different age groups. They are hesitant to attend camp because they are afraid they will not make any friends.

Camp Met BC strongly believes in FAITH, FUN and FRIENDS! During camp through activities, games, church, discussions, and meal time the campers are given the chance to mingle and meet new friends of different age groups. As a camp we create a very loving and friendly environment which encourages all of our campers and leaders to make new friends with ease.


We would like to remind parents to have faith in god, their children and our camp; and to not let their own fears hold their child back. Please trust that your child will have the time of their life and make life long friendships.

Was your question NOT answered? Send us an e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
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