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 Camp Met BC Summer 2024 will be held at Kawkawa Camp in Hope, B.C.

We are excited to explore a new island and include some new activities and amenities into our Camp MET BC Program. 


Some features of Kawkawa Camp : 

  • Approx a 2 hour drive away from Vancouver, BC. (No boat/ferry required) 

  • An indoor chapel available for our use since it is a Christian Camp

  • Sits on Kawakawa Lake front - with a section of the lake reserved exclusively for our use 

  • 7 Minute Drive From Hospital in case of emergencies

  • Ensuite Bathrooms Available in each cabin along with shared bathrooms throughout the camp

  • Outdoor Pizza Oven 

  • Many Indoor "hangout spaces"/ activities in the case that it rains 

  • MANY activities to choose from

Activities Available at Kawkawa Camp: 

  • Water Activities: Tubing, Water Inflatable Toys/climbing structures, Kayaking, Swimming, 

  • Bouldering Room - (mini rock climbing)

  • Human Foosball Arena 

  • Sports Field (grass)

  • Sports Court (Basketball, Floor Hockey, 9 square + other sporting available) 

  • Frisbee Golf 

  • Gaga Ball (outdoor dodgeball variation - lots of fun!)

  • Forest/Mountain Hiking Trails

  • Beach Volleyball

Our energy, passion for faith and community is what defines Camp Met BC! We can’t wait to bring these things to Kawkawa Camp and embark on this new adventure with our Camp Met BC Family! 

Our Location:
Kawkawa Camp in Hope, B.C.


- Rain Coat and Pants (check forecast)

- Pajamas

- Sleeping Bag and Pillow              

- Flashlight & Batteries* (mandatory)

- Pants/Jeans

- Bath Towels (2)

- Socks & Underwear - min 1/day

- Personal Toiletries

- Shorts/Athletic Shorts

- Beach Towel -

- Insect Repellent****

- Jacket or Sweatshirts

-Sandals/Flip Flops

- Prescription Meds

- Proper Running Shoes

- Swimsuit x2 (1 piece or tankini ONLY)

- Sunscreen

- Sun Hat/Ballcap

- Water Bottle

- Favorite Icon

- White/Blue Outfit(for our Dance Party)

- Long Sleeve top

- Tshirsts/Tank Tops

- Sunglasses

- Letter from Home - parents feel free to write a letter to your child that they can read if they feel homesick! This is especially useful for 1st time campers. You can pack this in your childs bag with them, or give them to leaders upon drop off.

Typical Schedule


7:00 am - Wake up and Wash-up!

7:30 am - Callisthenics

7:50 am - Matins (morning prayers)

8:30 am - Breakfast

9:00 am - Cabin Clean Up

9:30 am - Orthodox Life Discussions with Father

11:00 am - Crafts / Greek Dancing / Sports

12:30 pm - Lunch

1:30 pm - Free Time

2:00 pm - Water Sports

5:00 pm - Vespers

5:30 pm - Dinner

6:30 pm - Camp wide game (sports day style/carnival, etc.)

8:00 pm - Snack Time

8:30 – 10:30 pm - Wind Down - Bedtime

(Please note the typical day at camp schedule may change to enhance campers experience)

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